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Growth of Building Glass Market

As time moves forward, it’s the hope of everyone (whether as individuals or as part of businesses, organizations, etc. that collectively help make the society which we’re all a part of) that we’re growing and evolving in a positive way. The building glass market experienced rapid growth last year, and the sky’s the limit to […]

The Evolution of Commercial Glass

Evolution is inevitable; everything is destined to go through stages of refinement in order to create a more optimized version built to improve the overall user experience, for that particular era of time. Glass is no different. Innovations over the past 30+ years have made the glass of today used for commercial purposes, something to […]

Let There Be Natural Light!

Natural light is incredible; not only can it positively affect moods, when it shines through glass it provides illumination and heat (and that energy can also be harnessed and used to power certain equipment and technology). The way in which natural light is absorbed through glass truly depends on the glass it is passing through. […]

The Benefits of Specialty Glass

You are what you surround yourself with; from the company you keep to the products you use, quality means everything. Taking the time to determine exactly what it is that you want (and need) is the first step toward making it happen. Investing in yourself or the space you spend a lot of your time […]

Window Optimization

‘Optimization’ seems to be one of those buzzwords that sounds great, but can be difficult to truly understand what it means and how that particular act is beneficial. To optimize something is to maximize the capabilities to their full potential in order facilitate a more effective and efficient product. When it comes to glass windows, […]

Valuable Glass Renovations

    Glass is an amazing building material with modern and glamorous qualities that create the feel of openness and transparency in a home. renovations are often a big part in getting a home ready for selling, and glass additions are high on the list for adding value to a home: New Windows:┬áReplace old, worn-out […]

Window Decor for the Holidays

Whether you’ve finished (or even started) your shopping, the holidays will soon be upon us! Besides cold weather, this time of year is all about family, togetherness and love. There’s also a variety of bright beautiful colours that compliment the season and can make for some truly beautiful looking homes/buildings. Besides exterior lights and traditional […]