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Remedying Scratched Glass

Unless it’s related to relieving an itch, a scratch can be detrimental to the aesthetic of a window or any other glass surface/item. Beyond just looks, deep enough scratches can actually weaken the overall integrity of the glass as well.   Here are some quick ways to remedy scratches on glass: ‘- Toothpaste doesn’t just […]

Interesting Glass Facts

We already know just how amazing and versatile glass can be, but there are also some pretty interesting facts about its history and evolution.   Did you know: Glass can be literally described as liquid sand. Extremely high temperatures (1700°C) melt the sand and all the minerals inside it and, after it cools down, we […]

The Evolution of Commercial Glass

Evolution is inevitable; everything is destined to go through stages of refinement in order to create a more optimized version built to improve the overall user experience, for that particular era of time. Glass is no different. Innovations over the past 30+ years have made the glass of today used for commercial purposes, something to […]

How Sanitary is Your Space?

  It’s so important to have the proper safety features for your business. If you work in a commercial space involving food, preparation and hygienics, then you know the need for proper safety precautions. Relevant to the name, Sneeze Guards are the number one way to protect an area from germs, such as coughs, sneezes, […]

Benefits of Interior Glass Doors

People can sometimes have conflicting feelings about glass, which comes from a real place; when you’re a child and you happen to go into someone’s home or a store that contains many glass made or other fragile items parents tend to explicitly stress the importance of not touching anything. This can stay with people throughout […]

The Wonders of Glass

Glass is extremely versatile; the fact that it can be both a window and table (amongs many other things) is proof of that. It has so many amazing qualities, but the strength which it has that makes it more remarkable than anything else. Could you imagine a bridge made from glass? Well, it’s a reality..or, […]

The Benefits of Textured Glass

In business, to stand out from the crowd it’s important to be as unique and innovative as possible. It may seem like a challenging task for some depending on the industry they’re in, but if brands such as Dyson and Nest can seemingly re-invent staples such as vacuums and thermostats with incredible products and great […]