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Glass Sliding Doors

A big part of what makes glass so unique and resilient is how multi faceted it is; where and how glass is used continues to evolve, but the staples such as windows and doors will always make a great impact in terms of style and function.     When it comes to sliding doors especially, […]

Go Custom With Your Glass Projects

    When it comes to building with glass, we say go big or go home! Glass can totally change a space, adding depth, beauty and functionality. There are so many ways to custom make glass to fit whatever design project you have in mind. With the help of a professional glass service company, you […]

A View From Any Room

Glass architecture is constantly growing, evolving and expanding due to the trends in transparent lifestyles and high demand in versatile home design.¬†We know the benefits of living in a glass home, from natural lights to an open, airy living space; yet these homes have taken their glass appreciation to the next level! These entirely transparent […]

Benefits of Interior Glass Doors

People can sometimes have conflicting feelings about glass, which comes from a real place; when you’re a child and you happen to go into someone’s home or a store that contains many glass made or other fragile items parents tend to explicitly stress the importance of not touching anything. This can stay with people throughout […]

Choosing Glass Doors

Glass is a rare item that is able to be extremely strong yet still vulnerable (usually by design, for safety purposes). It can keep something enclosed, protect something from getting out, or do both of these things while also being able to be easily broken if hit in the right spot with the right force […]