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Breaking A Glass Myth

It’s easy to take received information as truth, especially if it sounds believable and has been backed up by people or ‘facts’ over time. Glass itself is something that has a particular myth around it that should be put to rest once and for all. Is glass considered a true solid? ‘During solidification, the molecules […]

Go Custom With Your Glass Projects

    When it comes to building with glass, we say go big or go home! Glass can totally change a space, adding depth, beauty and functionality. There are so many ways to custom make glass to fit whatever design project you have in mind. With the help of a professional glass service company, you […]

Custom Glass Displays

Sometimes there are certain items that are enhanced by how they are displayed. Take any baked goods at a bakery for instance; when you first walk into said bakery the first thing that will hit you is an incredible smell, but right after the sweet smells that take over your nose are the visuals of […]