Archives: April 2016


Commercial Window Tinting

When it comes to sleek design, nothing compares to glass. No matter the project or where you need the glass, the right custom glass experts are able to create the perfect item for you. The tinting of glass is something that can alter and enhance…

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Custom Glass Projects

Thermal Insulated Windows

Windows are the the best way for any building to receive natural light and heat. The placement and type of window used are two very important factors. If a building is being newly constructed, much consideration should be given to where windows are to be…

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Custom Glass Displays

Sometimes there are certain items that are enhanced by how they are displayed. Take any baked goods at a bakery for instance; when you first walk into said bakery the first thing that will hit you is an incredible smell, but right after the sweet…

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Show Cases

Glass Fencing

The best part about glass is how versatile it can be. This versatility allows for it to be used for things that you may not usually consider glass for. One of those things is fencing. Your typical fence is made from wood, stone or a…

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Glass Fences & Railings