Glass Fencing


Outdoor swimming pool at the House roof

The best part about glass is how versatile it can be. This versatility allows for it to be used for things that you may not usually consider glass for. One of those things is fencing.

Your typical fence is made from wood, stone or a similar material, but the there are many reasons why it would be wise to consider glass fencing, especially if you happen to have a pool in your backyard.

Safety – A glass fence surrounding a pool provides increased safety in keeping children safe from the pool if they happen to get too close.

Visibility – Not only does clear glass fencing look sleek and modern, it also offers increased visibility with an unobstructed view to what’s happening within the fenced area.

Strength – The glass used for fencing is tempered, which is heated and cooled quickly for optimal strength. Four to five times stronger than regular glass, if it ever does happen to ever break it does so in small round pieces that are easier/safer to clean.

If you have a pool in your backyard and with summer quickly approaching a glass fence to surround it might be just what you need! Contact your Cornwall Glass specialist to find out about all of the glass fencing options to suit any budget.

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