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Breaking A Glass Myth

It's easy to take received information as truth, especially if it sounds believable and has been backed up by people or 'facts' over time. Glass itself is something that has a particular myth around it that should be put to rest once and for all.…

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Mirror Walls For Home & Business

Mirrors reflect their environment, but they are also a great way to add more depth to a space that may be regarded as small. "When applied in creative ways, mirrored walls can add instant visual interest, make rooms appear larger and pull light into dimly…

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Mirror Walls for Buisness

The Evolution of Commercial Glass

Evolution is inevitable; everything is destined to go through stages of refinement in order to create a more optimized version built to improve the overall user experience, for that particular era of time. Glass is no different. Innovations over the past 30+ years have made…

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Glass for commercial

Preventing Glass Breakage

When doing anything, safety should always be a top priority. The creation and handling of glass and glass products is no different. Spontaneous glass breakage is something that can occur, and understanding what it means and it's potential affects is important to help prevent and/or…

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Glass Innovations

Evolution of Glass Coating

As time moves forward, so to does the evolution of how we conduct ourselves, and the tools we use to make things happen. Once something is created, it will continue to go through different iterations in order to optimize and improve functionality. Glass and methods…

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Property Glass Maintenance