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Modern Cottage Living

When the weather is beautiful is truly feels like all is right with the world. What would make things even better (besides things like world peace and an end to famine and disease of course) is having a place to get away from it all…

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Custom Glass Projects

Glass Railings in the Home

Windows, certain doors and mirrors are parts of the home that are made from glass, but there's been a shift. Those items are staples in any home and their effectiveness and glass composition won't change any time soon, however there are other parts of the…

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Glass Fences & Railings

Choosing Glass Doors

Glass is a rare item that is able to be extremely strong yet still vulnerable (usually by design, for safety purposes). It can keep something enclosed, protect something from getting out, or do both of these things while also being able to be easily broken…

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Custom Glass Projects / Glass Store Fronts

Mirror Mirror, on the Wall

Mirrors are an important part of our lives. When you go to a clothing store and try on some new items, a full body mirror is necessary to get a proper look at it. At the hair salon/barbershop mirrors are an integral part of the…

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Home Mirror Walls