Choosing Glass Doors



Glass is a rare item that is able to be extremely strong yet still vulnerable (usually by design, for safety purposes). It can keep something enclosed, protect something from getting out, or do both of these things while also being able to be easily broken if hit in the right spot with the right force for security purposes. (ex: ‘break in case of emergency’ security measures).

When it comes to the front door of a home/business, an all glass door may not be what immediately comes to mind (depending on the location and the particular type of business it is) however, it should. Not only are glass options secure on their own, there are a variety of options to make them even safer such as: the glass type, what it is reinforced with, tinting, texture (ex: patterned, frosted, etc.).

Picture a storefront that is composed entirely of glass, but the front entrance doors are composed of something else completely altogether. The entire flow and look of the storefront is altered when this happens. By choosing glass not only will you be able to maintain the right flow for the look of your business, it can help improve the overall brand recognition. For additional security, reinforcing the door with steel may be a wise option.

In order to really become educated about the many glass door options that exist make sure to contact your Cornwall Glass specialist.

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