Archives: July 2016


The Strength of Glass

How is it that glass is somehow able to be strong enough to withstand incredible amounts of weight yet fragile enough to break with relative ease at times? It's all dependent on how the glass is tempered and it's overall structure in the first place.…

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The Benefits of Textured Glass

In business, to stand out from the crowd it's important to be as unique and innovative as possible. It may seem like a challenging task for some depending on the industry they're in, but if brands such as Dyson and Nest can seemingly re-invent staples…

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Energy Efficient Glazing

Consumption is at an all time high which means that any means of conservation is welcomed if it provides a way to improve efficiency. When it comes to glass (especially for windows in modern homes) energy efficient glazing is important. “Energy-efficient glazing is the term…

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Keeping Glass Clean & Crystal Clear

  When it comes to speciality glass products, installations and custom glass projects of all kinds contacting a professional glass specialist such as Cornwall Glass is always the best way to go. Not only will they provide professional services in an effective and timely manner,…

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Custom Glass Projects