Archives: May 2017


Get Your Windows Ready for Summer

    Summer brings on a whole other ball-park of upkeep for your windows to protect against the heat and the crazy weather. There are various options to summer-proof your windows to keep your space cool, energy efficient and moisture free. Consider these window renovations this…

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Thermal Window Replacement

Dealing With a Broken Window

  Breaking your storefront window can cause a panic and will need immediate repair. Whether it be from a break-in or an accident, the broken glass can be dangerous for surrounding areas and will need safety precautions to prevent outside forces in your building. Follow these…

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Glass Store Fronts

Glass Innovations: Laser Engraving

    We are passionate about glass, which means we are always on the hunt for glass innovations! Breaking barriers is crucial in the world of design, and glass is by far, one of the most impressive materials to do that. One of the newest…

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Glass Innovations

Luxury Glass Renovations

      Treat yourself to a spa-like experience in your home every day! The simplest way to make your dreams of comfort and relaxation come true is with a custom made shower. There are so many options when it comes to designing your dream…

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Glass Showers

Why You Need a Roof Light

    Bring on the sunshine! An amazing way to bring natural light into your home AND save on energy costs is to install roof lights! There are many different variations as well, as design opportunities for your roof light options. The installation will brighten…

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