Mirror Mirror, on the Wall



Mirrors are an important part of our lives. When you go to a clothing store and try on some new items, a full body mirror is necessary to get a proper look at it. At the hair salon/barbershop mirrors are an integral part of the hair styling process. Not only do they help the stylist while they are creating, but they give you the ability to see what’s happening…as it’s happening.

Mirrors in the household are also very useful throughout the day. When you wake up and make your way to the bathroom the mirror will help you give yourself a look to ensure that you are presentable before you leave the house.

The use of mirrors in the home can go beyond the traditional locations (ex: bathroom, bedroom, main entrance). In fact, creating walls in the home made out of mirrors is something that is not only unique and trendy but can provide the illusion of additional space. “The versatility or mirrored walls makes them suitable for any type of room. In the living room the main advantage would be the airy and spacious look. In the dining room, a mirrored wall can create an interesting focal point.”

In order to create the best mirror wall experience in the home as possible consult with a Cornwall Glass specialist. They will be able to assess the parts of your home where you would like the mirror walls to go and create a custom mirror in the size and colour of your choice.

Home Mirror Walls