Custom Glass Displays



Sometimes there are certain items that are enhanced by how they are displayed. Take any baked goods at a bakery for instance; when you first walk into said bakery the first thing that will hit you is an incredible smell, but right after the sweet smells that take over your nose are the visuals of what is displayed. You eat with the eyes first, so being able to see something clearly displayed helps you consume it before you actually consume it.

When it comes to displaying certain food items, antiques/collectibles or anything else of specific value that can easily be affected by it’s environment, a custom glass display case can be very useful. Some of the benefits include:

  • Keeps the item safe from it’s surroundings. When the item is properly protected in a glass casing it is in a controlled environment which keeps it safe from anything jeopardizing it’s integrity.
  • Temperature control. Based on what is being held in the display case, temperature control may be a necessary option.

If you and/or your business has the need to display certain speciality items, consider getting a custom glass display made by your Cornwall Glass specialist. They will be able to create a display that is able to satisfy the specific needs of your items and keep it looking its best for longer.

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