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Keeping Glass Clean

We’re proud to be able to help our clients achieve their particular glass needs; from commercial storefronts to intricate custom glass projects and everything in between, we stand behind everything we do.   Maintaining the glass is important, and this goes beyond the composition of structure itself. Keeping your glass surfaces effectively clean is an […]

Glass Sliding Doors

A big part of what makes glass so unique and resilient is how multi faceted it is; where and how glass is used continues to evolve, but the staples such as windows and doors will always make a great impact in terms of style and function.     When it comes to sliding doors especially, […]

Mirror Walls For Home & Business

Mirrors reflect their environment, but they are also a great way to add more depth to a space that may be regarded as small. “When applied in creative ways, mirrored walls can add instant visual interest, make rooms appear larger and pull light into dimly lit spaces. A mirrored wall doesn’t have to go from […]

Glass Guardrail System

One of the main amazing aspects of glass is that it is strong and versatile; it has so many different applications, and can truly enhance the look and feel of a particular space. A glass guardrail system is a great example of one of the ways in which glass is being used, especially commercially. “A […]

Glass & The Energy Efficient Home

Glass is very versatile; not only does it provide a transparent means of separation between spaces, it helps transmit natural light and energy into said space (in the case of windows, specifically). Here are some of the ways that glass can make your home even more efficient: ‘Reduces Heat Ingress Heat Reflective or Solar control […]

How to Choose a Glass Canopy

The entrance to your home/business should make the right statement (since it is the first thing that people see) but it should also be functional as well. A glass canopy over the entrance way can provide the perfect touch.   Like anything, there are some important considerations to make when choosing the right glass canopy, […]

How to Make Your Windows “Bird-Safe”

Building with glass has many benefits to the environment such as cutting waste and creating renewable energy. While there are many benefits, there is an issue when it comes to migrating birds. Every year nearly 100 million birds die from collision with glass buildings in the U.S alone. Birds cannot see glass, only the reflection […]