Glass Sliding Doors


A big part of what makes glass so unique and resilient is how multi faceted it is; where and how glass is used continues to evolve, but the staples such as windows and doors will always make a great impact in terms of style and function.



When it comes to sliding doors especially, the following are some great reasons why they make a great option for your home/business:

Secure Access

Physical distance between living areas indoors and out only reinforces the perception of the two as separate and apart. A sliding glass door can erase that distinction, encouraging the homeowner to view the deck, porch, or patio as a natural, accessible extension of the home’s square footage.

Abundant Light

Beyond delivering the practical advantages of daylight, sliding glass doors can also have an impact on the perception of a space. More light, combined with better sight lines, often makes a room with a sliding glass door feel larger than it really is.
(Donna Boyle Schwartz,

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