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Growth of Building Glass Market

As time moves forward, it’s the hope of everyone (whether as individuals or as part of businesses, organizations, etc. that collectively help make the society which we’re all a part of) that we’re growing and evolving in a positive way. The building glass market experienced rapid growth last year, and the sky’s the limit to […]

Glass Guardrail System

One of the main amazing aspects of glass is that it is strong and versatile; it has so many different applications, and can truly enhance the look and feel of a particular space. A glass guardrail system is a great example of one of the ways in which glass is being used, especially commercially. “A […]

Let There Be Natural Light!

Natural light is incredible; not only can it positively affect moods, when it shines through glass it provides illumination and heat (and that energy can also be harnessed and used to power certain equipment and technology). The way in which natural light is absorbed through glass truly depends on the glass it is passing through. […]

How to Make Your Windows “Bird-Safe”

Building with glass has many benefits to the environment such as cutting waste and creating renewable energy. While there are many benefits, there is an issue when it comes to migrating birds. Every year nearly 100 million birds die from collision with glass buildings in the U.S alone. Birds cannot see glass, only the reflection […]

Windows of Opportunity

Windows are an important part of any building structure; they are able to provide a clear view of the surrounding areas outside and they also allow for a lot of natural light to enter, which adds great additional light and heat. The consumer demand for larger windows in such places as new condo high rise […]