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Growth of Building Glass Market

As time moves forward, it’s the hope of everyone (whether as individuals or as part of businesses, organizations, etc. that collectively help make the society which we’re all a part of) that we’re growing and evolving in a positive way. The building glass market experienced rapid growth last year, and the sky’s the limit to […]

Glass & The Energy Efficient Home

Glass is very versatile; not only does it provide a transparent means of separation between spaces, it helps transmit natural light and energy into said space (in the case of windows, specifically). Here are some of the ways that glass can make your home even more efficient: ‘Reduces Heat Ingress Heat Reflective or Solar control […]

Glass Innovations: Self Cleaning Windows

Cleaning windows can be a huge drain of time, resources and energy…What if we told you there were such things as self-cleaning windows? These eco-friendly glass windows have a dual step process where you apply the self cleaning coating that breaks down dirt through sunlight and easily washes away with rainwater. This amazing glass innovation […]

Dealing With a Broken Window

  Breaking your storefront window can cause a panic and will need immediate repair. Whether it be from a break-in or an accident, the broken glass can be dangerous for surrounding areas and will need safety precautions to prevent outside forces in your building. Follow these steps in case of your glass storefront breaking: Careful Clean […]

Glass Innovations: Laser Engraving

    We are passionate about glass, which means we are always on the hunt for glass innovations! Breaking barriers is crucial in the world of design, and glass is by far, one of the most impressive materials to do that. One of the newest trends we’ve been hearing about in the field of glass […]

Valuable Glass Renovations

    Glass is an amazing building material with modern and glamorous qualities that create the feel of openness and transparency in a home. renovations are often a big part in getting a home ready for selling, and glass additions are high on the list for adding value to a home: New Windows: Replace old, worn-out […]

Keeping Your Glass Squeaky-Clean

    Glass in one’s home can be a beautiful and relatively low maintenance building material for care and cleaning. To ensure that your glass structures look their finest for years to come, we are going share the proper cleaning tips for different types of glass you may have in your home: Annealed & heat strengthened glass: […]