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How to Insulate Your Windows for Winter

Ontario has already been hit with some record-breaking Winter temperatures this season – and we still have a few months to go. With temperatures reaching below -40 degrees, coming home to a warm and cozy home is a Winter essential.   With an average of 15% of your home’s heat escaping through the windows, blocking […]

The Evolution of Commercial Glass

Evolution is inevitable; everything is destined to go through stages of refinement in order to create a more optimized version built to improve the overall user experience, for that particular era of time. Glass is no different. Innovations over the past 30+ years have made the glass of today used for commercial purposes, something to […]

The Future of Glass

No one can see into the future (unless you have a crystal ball!) but one thing that’s for certain is technology will play a very large role in everything we do, even more so than it already does. As things become ‘smarter’ so to must our approach and our understanding of how technology works. Cutting […]

Valuable Glass Renovations

    Glass is an amazing building material with modern and glamorous qualities that create the feel of openness and transparency in a home. renovations are often a big part in getting a home ready for selling, and glass additions are high on the list for adding value to a home: New Windows: Replace old, worn-out […]

Thermal Insulated Windows

Windows are the the best way for any building to receive natural light and heat. The placement and type of window used are two very important factors. If a building is being newly constructed, much consideration should be given to where windows are to be placed. The right placement can truly optimize the the sun’s […]