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How to Insulate Your Windows for Winter

Ontario has already been hit with some record-breaking Winter temperatures this season – and we still have a few months to go. With temperatures reaching below -40 degrees, coming home to a warm and cozy home is a Winter essential.   With an average of 15% of your home’s heat escaping through the windows, blocking […]

A Clear First Impression

You don’t get a second shot at a first impression, so it’s important to make the right statement the first time around. Glass when used for commercial purposes such as for storefronts sets a powerful tone and can work as an effective extension of your brand and your particular offerings.   Whether you’re designing a […]

Glass Flooring

When it comes to custom glass projects that are outside of the box, glass flooring is definitely on the list. Not only does glass flooring make a unique statement, it requires a more thought out strategy than regular flooring does.     A perfect example of this would be the glass floor that is used […]

Glass Appreciation 101

Knowledge is power; the more you understand something, the better you’ll be able to effectively use/work with it.     When it comes to glass this definitely applies. There’s a new course that can help people better understand and appreciate glass and all of its applications. “Glass Appreciation is an introductory course ideal for those joining […]

Preventing Glass Breakage

When doing anything, safety should always be a top priority. The creation and handling of glass and glass products is no different. Spontaneous glass breakage is something that can occur, and understanding what it means and it’s potential affects is important to help prevent and/or minimize its damage. ‘It is a failure of design where […]

Go Custom With Your Glass Projects

    When it comes to building with glass, we say go big or go home! Glass can totally change a space, adding depth, beauty and functionality. There are so many ways to custom make glass to fit whatever design project you have in mind. With the help of a professional glass service company, you […]

Keeping Your Glass Squeaky-Clean

    Glass in one’s home can be a beautiful and relatively low maintenance building material for care and cleaning. To ensure that your glass structures look their finest for years to come, we are going share the proper cleaning tips for different types of glass you may have in your home: Annealed & heat strengthened glass: […]