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Evolution of Glass Coating

As time moves forward, so to does the evolution of how we conduct ourselves, and the tools we use to make things happen. Once something is created, it will continue to go through different iterations in order to optimize and improve functionality. Glass and methods of strengthening and protecting it’s integrity are no different. Glass […]

Go Custom With Your Glass Projects

    When it comes to building with glass, we say go big or go home! Glass can totally change a space, adding depth, beauty and functionality. There are so many ways to custom make glass to fit whatever design project you have in mind. With the help of a professional glass service company, you […]

Benefits of Interior Glass Doors

People can sometimes have conflicting feelings about glass, which comes from a real place; when you’re a child and you happen to go into someone’s home or a store that contains many glass made or other fragile items parents tend to explicitly stress the importance of not touching anything. This can stay with people throughout […]

Maintaining your Glass Shower Door

Whenever you purchase something (especially if that something cost a considerable amount of money and you value it as an investment), you’ll want it to last for a long time. The best way for this to occur and to properly maintain the integrity of whatever the item happens to be it’s necessary to regularly clean […]

Soundproof Glass

The idea of glass that is energy efficient, durable and coloured/textured is what usually comes to mind when having to decide on the right glass to suit your home and/or business needs. However, what about glass that is able to optimize the elimination of unwanted sounds? Most glass will provide somewhat of a soundproof experience, […]

Glass Railings in the Home

Windows, certain doors and mirrors are parts of the home that are made from glass, but there’s been a shift. Those items are staples in any home and their effectiveness and glass composition won’t change any time soon, however there are other parts of the home not traditionally made from glass that are now going […]