Maintaining your Glass Shower Door


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Whenever you purchase something (especially if that something cost a considerable amount of money and you value it as an investment), you’ll want it to last for a long time. The best way for this to occur and to properly maintain the integrity of whatever the item happens to be it’s necessary to regularly clean and inspect it.

Your glass shower door is no different. Some may think that because they get wet every day that they are effectively being cleaned, which is the furthest thing from the truth. Here are some tips to ensure that your glass shower doors are kept as clean as possible:

Squeegee Every Day

Without a doubt, this is the most effective way to keep a clean glass shower, but it’s also the most demanding. Not time-wise (it takes a minute, tops, to squeegee your shower door after each use), but demanding in a different way. You have to get yourself – and everybody at home – into a new daily habit.

A Dryer Sheet

Take a dryer sheet from the laundry room, get it lightly damp, and then use it to scrub down the glass shower door. It’s really that simple. And it really works! The same ingredients that soften your fabrics will soften soap scum and lift it right off the glass.”

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