Soundproof Glass



The idea of glass that is energy efficient, durable and coloured/textured is what usually comes to mind when having to decide on the right glass to suit your home and/or business needs. However, what about glass that is able to optimize the elimination of unwanted sounds?

Most glass will provide somewhat of a soundproof experience, but for even more of a soundproof option there are great options to consider. “To reduce sound, you must create a barrier between the sound and ear that captures the sound. Homes do that with walls, roofs, and windows that block sound waves from entering.To increase a window’s ability to block sound and increase its STC rating, the window manufacturer must:

  • Add mass (make the glass thicker)
  • Add air space (increase the distance between window panes)
  • Use laminated glass, a glass-plastic-glass sandwich that further reduces noise transmission”

In conjunction with using soundproof glass for a custom project, some other techniques that can be used to help lessen the effects sound include:

  • Inside quiet is the enemy of noise, which will seem a lot louder in a silent home. To mask outside noise, run white noise machines like air conditioners, ceiling fans, and dehumidifiers. If outside noise bothers your slumber, buy one of those sleep machines that play the sound of waves crashing and rain falling.
  • Fabric absorbs noise coming into a room. To deaden sound, hang curtains, lay rugs, and buy fabric covered furniture. Potted plants also absorb sound.
  • To reduce sound coming through walls and floors, caulk around light fixtures, receptacle boxes, and door casings.

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