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The Benefits of Using Glass In The Office

It’s no surprise that we are proponents of glass; not only are we professionals in the application of glass, we also can help bring lofty custom glass projects to fruition. The use of glass within an office space is a trend continues to gain momentum. The following are some of the advantages of using glass […]

Luxury Glass Renovations

      Treat yourself to a spa-like experience in your home every day! The simplest way to make your dreams of comfort and relaxation come true is with a custom made shower. There are so many options when it comes to designing your dream shower, and finding the best one for you can factor […]

How Sanitary is Your Space?

  It’s so important to have the proper safety features for your business. If you work in a commercial space involving food, preparation and hygienics, then you know the need for proper safety precautions. Relevant to the name, Sneeze Guards are the number one way to protect an area from germs, such as coughs, sneezes, […]

Valuable Glass Renovations

    Glass is an amazing building material with modern and glamorous qualities that create the feel of openness and transparency in a home. renovations are often a big part in getting a home ready for selling, and glass additions are high on the list for adding value to a home: New Windows:┬áReplace old, worn-out […]

Benefits of Glass Partitions in your Office Space

  When glass is used as an element of design, the results are usually very beautiful. There is an added sense of fear when working with a lot of glass though however; common questions surrounding it include: isn’t there a greater risk of things breaking/being damaged if there’s a lot of glass? Would I lose […]