How Sanitary is Your Space?



It’s so important to have the proper safety features for your business. If you work in a commercial space involving food, preparation and hygienics, then you know the need for proper safety precautions. Relevant to the name, Sneeze Guards are the number one way to protect an area from germs, such as coughs, sneezes, bacteria etc. Sneeze Guards are the glass barriers you find between food prep stations, restaurants separators, hospital barriers and any other precautioned area. Health precautions are of utmost important to commercial owners, which is why a Sneeze Guard must always be considered when constructing.

“Although some establishments opt to use plastic rather than glass for their sneeze guards, those constructed of glass hold many advantages over their plastic counterparts. Glass sneeze guards are harder to scratch, reducing the risk of bacteria “hiding” within scratches, and can also be cleaned with relative ease. Since the glass is easier to maintain, it’s easy to make it shine “like new” for each business day. Tempered glass is the most commonly used glass for this particular purpose, and is widely recognized by regional health and safety agencies as a “best practice”.  Sneeze guards made from tempered glass can withstand larger amounts of weight and pressure, in addition to being available in lengths of up to 48” per panel.”

Have the top of the line sanitary features in your commercial space to ensure a safe and happy practice. For the best results and installation contact Cornwall Glass, your glass experts.


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