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The Future of Glass

No one can see into the future (unless you have a crystal ball!) but one thing that’s for certain is technology will play a very large role in everything we do, even more so than it already does. As things become ‘smarter’ so to must our approach and our understanding of how technology works. Cutting […]

Multifunctional Glass Future

The versatility of glass goes well beyond just the traditional doors and windows that it’s been known for (however those continue to be the most popular uses for it, with no signs of slowing down any time soon!) The future of how glass is used and its potential is vast and clear. Televisions have evolved […]

Glass Durability and Protection

Glass on it’s own can be very strong and durable (depending on how and what it was made for). The use of the glass will determine how strong it needs to be and whether extra measures should be used in order to increase the overall strength and integrity of it. A company called ‘EnduroShield’ makes […]

Keeping Glass Clean & Crystal Clear

  When it comes to speciality glass products, installations and custom glass projects of all kinds contacting a professional glass specialist such as Cornwall Glass is always the best way to go. Not only will they provide professional services in an effective and timely manner, they will ensure that everything is done safely and that […]