Glass & The Energy Efficient Home


Glass is very versatile; not only does it provide a transparent means of separation between spaces, it helps transmit natural light and energy into said space (in the case of windows, specifically).

Here are some of the ways that glass can make your home even more efficient:

Reduces Heat Ingress
Heat Reflective or Solar control glass greatly reduces the sun’s heat from coming into a room. this reduction of amount of heat that comes from sunlight helps to decreases the air conditioning load; thus bringing down energy consumption.

Places with extreme climatic conditions experience drastic temperature differences and passive cooling/heating is the only way to ensure efficient energy consumption and reduced electricity bills. This is where these energy efficient glasses come into play.

Boost Natural Light
There is a never-ending debate over white or yellow lights for home interiors. Amidst all this, it is certain that natural light is the best possible way to light up your home. Apart from having thermal properties, glass is an excellent source of letting in natural sun light.

If designed properly one can incorporate solar control glass for passive lighting at home along with avoiding harmful UV rays of the sun. Not only will this boost productivity and good health but also reduce electricity consumption.’ (source:

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