Glass Innovations: Self Cleaning Windows


Cleaning windows can be a huge drain of time, resources and energy…What if we told you there were such things as self-cleaning windows? These eco-friendly glass windows have a dual step process where you apply the self cleaning coating that breaks down dirt through sunlight and easily washes away with rainwater. This amazing glass innovation will save large amounts of time and energy for window maintenance, making it perfect for perfect for large-scale glass installations! 

How Does it Work?

1)Photocatalytic: The first stage of self cleaning is called “Photocatalytic”, where the coating reacts with the sunlight to break down organic dirt.

2)Hydrophilic: The second stage is “hydrophilic”. Here, instead of forming droplets, rainwater hits the glass and spreads evenly, running off in a “sheet” and taking the loosened dirt with it, also drying quickly without leaving streaks.

This type of window can be used anywhere, but is more commonly used in hard to reach areas such as skylights, green rooms or large glass buildings. Self Cleaning windows use natural resources such as sunlight and rainwater to do all the work, making it an extremely renewable source of energy. This eco-friendly glass innovation is the way of the future, and should be taken advantage of! For your glass construction contact Cornwall Glass, your glass experts.

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