Glass Guardrail System


One of the main amazing aspects of glass is that it is strong and versatile; it has so many different applications, and can truly enhance the look and feel of a particular space.

A glass guardrail system is a great example of one of the ways in which glass is being used, especially commercially.

“A point-supported glass guardrail system offers a modern aesthetic and is architecturally versatile, making the system increasingly popular in a wide variety of applications. Continual advancements over the years both in design and manufacturing technology have allowed point-supported guardrails to be applicable in commercial building construction, making consistent engineering practices necessary.

Determining performance requirements

Design begins with determining the performance requirements set forth by building codes. Methods for calculating allowable glass stress are normally dictated by ASTM E1300, which provides stresses based on probabilities of glass breakage and duration of load. This standard is referenced by IBC, but is not used specifically to derive the allowable stress for glass guardrails.

Analyzing the glass

Glass analysis is the most critical aspect of point-supported glass design. Unlike building codes, which offer a limited number of interpretations and uses, there are many different analysis methods and programs that may be employed by engineers. Regardless of the methods selected, several key principles must always be considered:

  • the elastic properties of laminate interlayers (and how they change with temperature and load duration)
  • the understanding that glass is a brittle material and that local stresses are critical
  • the important details of the glass support such as contact material, support size and hole size.’(source:

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