Let There Be Natural Light!


Natural light is incredible; not only can it positively affect moods, when it shines through glass it provides illumination and heat (and that energy can also be harnessed and used to power certain equipment and technology).

The way in which natural light is absorbed through glass truly depends on the glass it is passing through. “Making better use of daylight is the obvious solution, particularly when it comes to designing new buildings or refurbishment projects, because daylighting is dynamic and changes throughout the day, providing natural variation and connecting us to the outside world. Most building designers now understand the properties of light, and how a well-designed working environment can boost productivity and morale.But the advantages of using glass in the building environment go further: from reducing heating costs to solar control and, using photovoltaic (PV) cells, converting photons into electrons and, therefore, generating electricity.

Modern glazing systems, with their optical brilliance and safety characteristics, have become as fundamental to good building design as light has always been fundamental to life.” (source: glassonweb.com)

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