Windows of Opportunity


Glass Building

Windows are an important part of any building structure; they are able to provide a clear view of the surrounding areas outside and they also allow for a lot of natural light to enter, which adds great additional light and heat. The consumer demand for larger windows in such places as new condo high rise developments has grown considerably over time, but the regulation behind how these windows can be implemented has reached a critical stage.

“A slate of measures addressing building envelope, heat recovery and lighting are now posted for public comment with a target for a 2017 code update. Of these, new criteria for calculating thermal bridging and a mandate for heat/energy recovery systems in a wide range of conditions could have the most significant impact on the design and construction of new buildings. Other proposed energy code changes of note include: calls for improved performance of roofs, window and doors; reduced allowance for skylights; and generally lower lighting power densities due to the emergence of more energy-efficient lighting products.”

Moving forward this means that all construction efforts (especially when it comes to glass placement) require even more special consideration. During the planning stage for custom projects or otherwise, take the time to consult with your Cornwall Glass expert in order to achieve the style and efficiency you need.

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