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Glass architecture is constantly growing, evolving and expanding due to the trends in transparent lifestyles and high demand in versatile home design. We know the benefits of living in a glass home, from natural lights to an open, airy living space; yet these homes have taken their glass appreciation to the next level! These entirely transparent homes are found all over the world, and preferably, as you can see, in the most remote of spaces. These buildings are gorgeous in their own way, and create a whole new level of transparent living.

These two glass homes were designed by two architects, Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosic of Santambrogio, an Italian architectural firm specializing in the design of glass orientated homes. They believe their designs integrate the home owner with the surrounding environment, basically allowing you to become one with nature. Their homes are often built in the most remote, and beautiful of locations such as deep forests or mountainsides. You may think living in an entire glass home is ridiculous, but as these two architects see it, it is a transparent, minimalistic way to become immersed with your surroundings. When building these homes, they make sure to provide proper glass construction for specific climates and conditions, as they mention here:

“The ‘snow house,’ as the name implies, would be located in colder climates and is constructed of thicker panes capable of withstanding larger loads, namely from the snow, and will help insulate the interior. With the touch of a button, the special glass panels instantly turn matte for privacy, and sliding curtains make it possible to further close off specific rooms. the ‘cliff house’ on the other hand contains thinner lighter glass elements as there are no external forces acting upon the structure.”

these innovative architects show the extreme side of building with glass, but also portray just how mesmerizing and influential glass can be when using it in home design! To have your home or office accustomed with glass construction, contact Cornwall Glass, your glass experts.


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