Interesting Glass Facts


We already know just how amazing and versatile glass can be, but there are also some pretty interesting facts about its history and evolution.


Did you know:

  1. Glass can be literally described as liquid sand. Extremely high temperatures (1700°C) melt the sand and all the minerals inside it and, after it cools down, we get glass.
  2. Glass is not just manufactured, but can also exist in nature. It can be found inside volcanoes in the form of the natural stone Obsidian.
  3. Today’s technology is able to control the glass making process and refine the end product to achieve different colours or maximum transparency.
  4. By the 17th century, ordinary people in Europe could afford to use glass for their windows. This resulted in an improvement in their quality of life as it allowed them to lead a more hygienic and disease-free existence.
  5. For almost 5 centuries, China did not produce any glass. Now, it controls 34% of the global market, making it the largest producer of glass in the world. (source:

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