Remedying Scratched Glass


Unless it’s related to relieving an itch, a scratch can be detrimental to the aesthetic of a window or any other glass surface/item. Beyond just looks, deep enough scratches can actually weaken the overall integrity of the glass as well.


Here are some quick ways to remedy scratches on glass:

‘- Toothpaste doesn’t just keep your teeth squeaky clean. When activated with a bit of elbow grease, the minty refresher offers an easy and economical way to fix and smooth tiny scratches in glass. After thoroughly cleaning and drying the surface, apply a dot of white, non-gel toothpaste (preferably containing baking soda) to a damp, lint-free cloth. Using small, circular motions, rub the paste into the scratch for about 30 seconds. Wipe off the excess toothpaste with the cloth, and inspect for signs of improvement. Reapply the paste as many times as needed to minimize the scratch’s appearance. Finally, give your newly pristine glass a once-over with a damp cloth to clean off any residual paste and restore its natural sheen.

– Another way to render your glass surfaces scratch-free is to softly sand and buff them bright with a little metal polish. First, clean the area and wipe it dry to get rid of any dust or debris that could further damage the surface. Next, apply the polish to a cotton ball or clean cloth, and gently rub it into the scratch using a circular motion. Follow up with a clean, damp cloth to remove any of the remaining solution and reveal a smooth, like-new product. Remember to avoid extra application of the metal polish, as its abrasive qualities could end up doing more harm than good.’ (Manasa Reddigari,

It’s important to understand that these remedies are for minor scratches and make for a great short term solution to improve aesthetic appeal, however when it comes to deeper scratches or other instances where the integrity of glass has been compromised, it’s important to seek the aid of a glass professional. At Cornwall Glass we take pride in ensuring we are able to meet all of the needs of our clients. Contact us to learn more about how we can help!

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