Window Decor for the Holidays


Whether you’ve finished (or even started) your shopping, the holidays will soon be upon us! Besides cold weather, this time of year is all about family, togetherness and love. There’s also a variety of bright beautiful colours that compliment the season and can make for some truly beautiful looking homes/buildings.

Besides exterior lights and traditional decorations for your tree your windows are a great place to display some festive decorations. Here are some great window decorating tips to consider for the season:

“Christmas Snow

Craft your own winter flurries with a window display of falling snowflakes. Simply hang decorative snowflakes from window muntins (or use suction cups to hang from glass). Try colorful snowflakes for a whimsical look. Complete the wintry scene with an evergreen swag hung across the top of the window.

Wreaths All in a Row

Hang classic Christmas wreaths in multiples for a striking effect, especially if you have a wide expanse of windows (as shown here). These three wreaths create visual interest across the bay of windows.

Cascade of Ribbon

Use ribbon to embellish a window. Here, miniature wreaths were hung in the upper corners of the window frame, simulating the role of old-fashioned decorative corner blocks. Lengths of ribbon were draped through the centers of the wreaths and the tails were left to cascade down. Use multiple lengths of ribbon in colors to match your holiday decor, and try different patterns and fabrications (organza, satin, etc.), too.”

Making your home look more festive for the holidays will help you and everyone who sees the decorations into the spirit. Make sure that you’re window is clean, in good physical shape and able to handle all decorations before placing them up.

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