Employees and their need for Natural Light

Plants need natural light to survive and flourish. This fact has been engraved in the minds adults since they were kids. However, these adults often forget that like our green friends, they too need natural light to survive and flourish; especially in a work environment.…

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Awnings against the cold

In Cornwall and Eastern Ontario, there is an average of 52 days of snow per year, making for a lot of wet coats and frizzled hair do’s. According to John Snow, winter is coming, and he could not be more correct. But John Snow does…

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Glass Awnings

3 Ways to Make a Cleaning Solution At Home

Did you know you can effectively replace almost every chemical cleaner in your household with distilled white vinegar? Though it might not smell as good as commercial cleaners, when you’re in a pinch, homemade solutions are the solution! Here are three ways to make cleaners…

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3 Reasons Glass Safety Guards Are Essential

The world is collectively going through a very rough patch. There’s a shortage of hand sanitizer, massive lineups outside of supermarkets, and we’re all on lockdown to stop the spread of the virus. It’s times like these where we must overcome the challenges we’re facing…

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Sneeze Guards

How to Keep Your Glass Clean During The Winter

Winter has arrived and the blizzards are following closely behind. Though washing your panes in the snow can be a pain, some messes can’t wait until spring. Keeping your windows clean and streak-free is simple. Here's our step-by-step guide: Choose your cleaner wisely Certain cleaning…

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Property Glass Maintenance

How Glass Is Made: A Brief History

Have you ever wondered how glass is made? Glass has come a long way from its earliest known uses in the prehistoric era when naturally occurring pieces of glass, which were found near volcanoes and lightning strikes, were shaped to form weapons and other items…

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