How Glass Is Made: A Brief History

Have you ever wondered how glass is made? Glass has come a long way from its earliest known uses in the prehistoric era when naturally occurring pieces of glass, which were found near volcanoes and lightning strikes, were shaped to form weapons and other items…

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How to Modernize Your Office Space with Glass

Physical storefronts are often referred to as ‘brick and mortar’ shops. Incorporating glass into your storefront is a surefire way to modernize your office space, grab attention and wow potential clients before they even step foot inside your office. The product specialists at Cornwall Glass…

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Yes, You Can Replace Your Windows in the Winter

Imagine this: it’s a clear evening in early December. The kids are in bed and you’ve just sat down in your favourite chair with a book for the evening. You’re all ready to get cozy by the fireplace when suddenly, you feel it - a…

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Prepare Your Glass Windows and Doors for Winter

Unfortunately in Canada, that dreadful feeling of winter closing in is unavoidable. A lot goes into preparing for these cooler seasons. Keeping cold air from seeping inside is all about insulation, which will depend on the condition and quality of your glass windows and doors.…

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Benefits of Glass Showers

If you've been looking for a sign to invest in glass showers for your bathrooms, this might be it! Much like kitchens and living rooms, bathroom design trends often shift. These days,, the desire for bright, minimalist bathrooms is all the rage. Neutral colour palettes,…

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Custom Glass Projects / Glass Showers

More Natural Light Means More Productive Employees

The rumours are true: more natural light in a workspace results in more productive employees. Many different studies, as highlighted by Eco Business, prove that natural light in the workplace promotes health, wellbeing and productivity. These studies touch on a few different factors that play…

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