How To Avoid Ice Buildup On Your Windows


Canadian winters can take a toll on houses, especially on windows. Ice can form on window sills and cause structural and aesthetic damage. 


What can cause ice buildup?

1. Humidity 

Excess humidity in the house can cause ice buildup on windows or the rotting of wood frames, creating a safe space for mold and mildew to form. Humidity can be caused by steam from showering, cooking, or a humid climate within the household. This can be avoided with the use of a dehumidifier. 

2. Air Leakage

Poorly installed or worn-out windows cannot protect against the cold weather. Outside cold air can start to come in through the cracks. As your house may not be feeling as warm as you’d like, you may raise the thermostat temperature – only for it to leak hot air through poor window installation. Therefore, causing ice buildup.

The impact of ice buildup

Structural impacts: 

  • Wood frames can be warped from excess moisture 
  • Mold can form which can lead to health concerns 
  • Can lead to cracks in the glass 

Aesthetic impacts: 

  • Cracked paint 
  • Damaged wallpaper
  • Warped frames 

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