How To Increase Natural Light In Your House


Natural lighting in work offices is often spoken about. Lately, our homes are also our offices. The past two years have been trying times, gloomy at times, and dark for many of us. Being at the halfway point of a long Canadian winter, who couldn’t use a mood boost? Here are some tips on how to brighten your home by maximizing the natural light in your house. 


Window Replacement 

The ideal approach to increasing the natural light in your house would be to replace a smaller window with a larger one. In addition, to choosing the right size, style, and placement to achieve your desired goal. 


Mirror Placement 

Strategically placing a large, full-length mirror opposite a window will allow natural light to reflect and beam throughout the room. Many interior designers use this technique to make a room appear larger with ample light and an airy feel. 


Mirror Wall

Fitness centers and restaurants are commonly known to have mirrored walls. But have you ever considered how they would enhance the lighting and overall aesthetic of your house? Click here to learn more.


Glass Railings 

Glass railings are not only modern and aesthetically pleasing. They can help your space appear more open. Allowing more natural light to pierce through different areas of a room. If you need advice if this is the best option for you, please contact us.

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