3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Glass Fencing



If you’re looking to maximize the appearance of a small backyard, look no further. A glass fence will give the illusion of a larger space. Although it is an investment, the modern architectural design it brings can increase your property value. 


Our fence panels are made up of tempered glass which withstands extreme weather conditions, this is important to note living through Canadian winters. It also has the ability to block strong winds. Additionally, these fences don’t rot, as wood would over time, they remain durable and trustworthy. 

Easy Maintenance 

Glass fencing is surprisingly easy to maintain. Unlike other fences, no paint upkeep or staining is required. A simple bucket of soapy water every few months will keep it looking freshly installed. 

Bonus: Fun for Kids 

Whether you’re a parent wanting to entertain your children for a few hours, or the fun aunt/uncle, glass fencing is a perfect canvas for little creative minds. As previously mentioned, these fences are easy to maintain. Kids can draw or paint on them with non-toxic, easily washable art supplies. You may even want to provide them with a bucket of soapy water and a rag to clean up after their creations. 

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