Preparing Windows for Winter


Time to find your missing mitts, winter is well on its way. While we in Canada are used to prepping for the winter, it never hurts to be reminded of ways you can prepare your windows to keep the dreadful cold out and the friendly warmth in. 

Insulation Film

Plastic insulation film is a great way to help prepare your home for winter. They are cost effective and work as a thin barrier against cold drafts that may enter through your windows. The downside? They require DIY installations, aren’t 100% effective and if you have cats (or young kids that like to poke holes) it’s a complete waste of time and money.

Rubber Seals

The main culprit for cold winds to come through the windows is the spaces between the glass and the frame. Overtime, these gaps can become bigger, leaving an unobstructed path for the cold to enter. Rubber seals are a great way to prevent this from happening if you’re okay with not opening your windows for the winter months. However, when winter is over you’ll have to be very careful peeling them off so you don’t chip the paint underneath.


Thick, thermal curtains are an easy and effective way to stop the coldness of winter. Not only does it look better than the above fixes, you’re also able to adjust the amount of light entering, open the window and store them away in the warmer months if you so desire.

Although these above fixes will help against the harshness of winter, the best way to ensure Jack Frost stays outside is to install thermal windows. Check them out on our services page.

Thermal Window Replacement