Glass Storefronts Make a Lasting First Impression


First impressions are important; you only get to make them once! They have the ability to make or break a potential business experience. In a world that is oversaturated with businesses and streets that are jam-packed with storefronts, the key to getting and retaining customers is simply the appeal and appearance. As a business owner, you want to stand out and be remembered by your audience. So, why sacrifice this crucial first step to creating a lasting impression? Our team believes that investing in a modern, attractive glass storefront will enhance its appeal to the outside world and give you a leg up on your competition.

How To Stand Out With a Glass Storefront

In this age of social media and online advertising, it is easy for business owners to put all of their marketing efforts into the digital world. However, it is pointless to discredit the value of an attractive storefront with exceptional visual advertising. A thriving business pairs visual advertising with online and traditional marketing initiatives. A glass storefront can also create a feeling of openness and invitation; potential customers will feel welcome in your store!

Put simply, when potential customers get a glimpse of what is happening in your business, they will be more likely to join in on the fun.

Perks of Glass Storefronts

With Cornwall Glass, your dream glass storefront is within reach. You can customize your glass storefront to fit your specific needs. Whether your space needs a clear, frosted or patterned glass to look its best, our team ensures that your business look modern and appealing to you and customers.

A glass storefront allows more natural light inside your business. Not only do large glass windows and glass doors create a bright, welcoming atmosphere in your space, your employees will thank you for all the added health benefits more natural light brings. Additionally, our thermal glass storefront windows are high quality and help maintain and regulate indoor temperatures. This gives your employees and customers with a consistently comfortable experience.

Maintaining Your Glass Storefront

Cornwall Glass can provide all of the necessary services to maintain your glass storefront.  If you are concerned with the impact changing to a glass storefront may have on your business, our installation service includes a commitment to handling any damage incurred during installation. Additionally, our highly qualified team of experienced glaziers will advise you on how to properly care for your glass storefront. Our team ensures the safety and security of your business.

At Cornwall Glass, we offer custom glass storefronts, doors and entrance systems for every application and budget. Consider taking your storefront to the next level and enhance the overall appeal and appearance of your business. Give our team a call today!

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