More Natural Light Means More Productive Employees


The rumours are true: more natural light in a workspace results in more productive employees. Many different studies, as highlighted by Eco Business, prove that natural light in the workplace promotes health, wellbeing and productivity. These studies touch on a few different factors that play into quality of work and life.

According to additional studies by the World Green Building Council, the International Well Being Institute and Human Spaces, employees who are exposed to natural light showed improvements in many different areas of wellness, most notably:

  • Employees received, on average, 46 extra minutes of sleep per night
  • They were up to 40% more productive
  • Employees were 15% more creative
  • They reported a reduction in sick leave by 6.5%
  • Employees’ moods improved
  • Employees noted a reduction in stress
  • Their Vitamin D, melatonin and serotonin production increased
  • Their healthy eye development increased


Evidently, there are numerous health and wellbeing benefits to providing your employees with more natural light throughout the workday. But what is the best way to invite more natural light into your office? Cornwall Glass has an aesthetically-pleasing and efficient solution for you.

Increase Natural Light With Glass

Cornwall Glass specializes in glass for the office. By incorporating glass walls, glass dividers and of course windows in your space, your office will benefit not only from the high-tech elegant look, but also from the natural light that is able to shine through.

Our team offers many different types of glass installations, including fixed or retractable glass. We also provide our clients with the choice of glass, including laminated, clear, frosted, patterned and tinted. We work closely with our clients to provide them with the type of glass that best suits their space and their budget.

Above all, when your office’s environment encourages its employees to work to their full potential, your business will thrive. If you’re ready to transform your office and your employees’ day-to-day productivity, contact Cornwall Glass for a quote today.