Winterizing your windows


While we prepare for the ghouls and goblins this Halloween, we can never forget one thing: winter is coming. We may deny it, we may try to not even think about it, but it’s coming whether we want it to or not. We as Canadians like keeping the cold air outside of our homes and keep our comfortable heat inside. However, your windows may not be up to fight against the harsh winds and cold of the Canadian winter. Luckily, we have a few simple steps that you could be following in the lead up to ensure you and your family are comfortable all winter.

How do I prepare my windows for winter?

Start by conducting a visual inspection of your windows, including the framing and fixtures. You can do this yourself or hire a professional to take a look at them for you. This is recommended especially when you are looking for potential flaws, they may go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

Get rid of drafts

Drafts are not only going to make the home colder, but they can be a sign of an issue with either the pane itself or there may be gaps around the windows that are allowing cool air to get inside. You can determine where the air is getting in by placing your hand close to the glass. If you can feel the air through the pane, your glass will most certainly need replacing. If no air is passing through, it’s more likely that the draft is getting in through gaps around the windows. This is an easy fix. You can use an appropriate caulk in most instances, or if the gaps are larger, you may have to use insulation tape or foam to resolve the problem.

Fix the weatherstripping

Weatherstripping plays a key role in preventing heat from escaping from around the window. Over time it can get damaged or wear away. Since you want to keep your home warmer and avoid unnecessary heat loss, it’s best to check the condition of these and replace them where necessary.

Replace old or broken frames

After a while, old window frames can deteriorate, and this can affect how well they hold the glass into position. If any of your window frames have seen better days, it’s best to have them replaced as having broken glass at any time is not ideal, especially when the weather is cold.

Invest in good quality windows

It goes without saying, if you want the best protection from the elements, superior security, and thermal protection, you can’t beat investing in energy-efficient windows or storm windows. They are stronger than other types of windows and provide more resistance in strong winds or storms. Both window types can help to cut down on your energy bills too.

Add a film to the windows

We get it, replacing windows can get expensive although highly recommended. If you can’t afford to update all the windows in your home, a cheaper alternative is applying window films to the existing glass. They don’t affect the appearance of the glass, and they can provide additional comfort in both winter and summer.

As you can see, there are many advantages to preparing your windows for winter. If you are looking at replacing old windows at your home with quality glass contact us today.