Upcycyling with Glass



Glass is a big part of our everyday lives; from mirrors, showers, windows, doors and everything in between it is everywhere. That doesn’t even include the glass products we use for storage of food and other items, but what happens when those particular items can no longer serve their purpose anymore? Most of the type they get thrown out or recycled, but there’s yet another solution…upcycling!
Use that old glass item to create something new and innovative. Here are some great glass upcycling project ideas:

Wind Chimes
You can create wind chimes in big variety of colors and shapes. Whether you have the patience to make the entire wind chime out of glass or just use the bottle as an exterior wall you should know that the glass sounds incredibly delicate and beautiful when animated by wind.

Glass bottles can nestle beautifully in a vintage interior design if they’re decorated with care. Glass bottle centerpieces are quite common and graphic, the possibilities being endless.

Glass is not only clear, comes in a variety of colours, textures and shades but is also a lot more versatile than you probably originally thought! For all of your own custom glass projects which may be a little bit more intricate and specialized make sure to contact Cornwall Glass, your Cornwall glass experts.

Custom Glass Projects