Time to Reflect




Do you think we take mirrors for granted? Think about it…we look in one EVERY day and quite likely, multiple times throughout the day. Whether it’s a passing glance at your reflection or your daily ten mirror checks before leaving the house… you cant live without them. Building with mirrors is a whole other ballpark. Mirrors not only serve a functional purpose in a home or office, but also add a whole other depth to a room, literally.

Building with mirrors is especially beneficial when trying to open up a smaller room. The mirror creates an illusion of additional space, ultimately creating the illusion of a larger room. Mirrors also have amazing environmentally friendly benefits such as creating solar energy and light shelves:

Light Shelves: Light shelves are horizontal fins located above eye-level at the windows to “bounce” the light back up onto the ceiling. This diffuses the light and brings it deeper into the building. Well-placed light shelves will also act as a shading device and reduce glare.

Solar Energy: A new trend in solar electricity is the use of concentrator technology. In short, a concentrator uses a series of highly focused mirrors to concentrate an intense beam of light. In some current concentrator technologies, this light is focused onto solar panels; in others, the light is used to quickly boil water in a steam engine.

Consider building with mirrors in your home, not only to provide you with more self-ogling opportunities, but to create a more open, environmentally friendly space. Contact Cornwall Glass, your glass experts to start your mirrored project.

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