How Thermal Glass Can Keep Your Space Cool


As hydro prices continue to rise throughout Ontario, families and businesses alike often struggle to find ways to reduces their monthly costs. According to this article by the Ottawa Citizen, monthly hydro bills have increased steadily over the last 8 years and continue to rise. In addition to these rising costs, extreme temperatures have also increased. Throughout Eastern Ontario this summer, temperatures will reach at least 47°C, which leaves us no choice but to crank up the A/C.

Is there any way to keep your space cooler in the summer without relying solely on our HVAC systems that will, in turn, boost our hydro prices?

We have a solution we know you’ll love. Our team at Cornwall Glass would love to discuss our thermal glass installation with you further!

Thermal Glass Insulates Your Space

Thermal glass windows are a valuable investment in reducing your hydro bills. A study by the Window Energy Ratings scale estimates that units can save an average of $700+ per year by investing in thermal glass windows. These specialized windows regulate your indoor temperatures by keeping cool air in and reflecting hot air out. The inside temperature of your home can be up to 8-12°C cooler throughout the summer months!

To increase insulation value further, these units are created Low E (or low thermal emissivity), made with argon gas. This type of double-glazed thermal glass not only helps you regular internal temperatures, but is also beneficial to the environment. Less energy output means less greenhouses gases released back into the atmosphere. Need we say more?

Help your business take a stand against skyrocketing hydro prices and greenhouse gases while also increasing your day-to-day comfort. The Cornwall Glass team is happy to install thermal glass in your storefront, windows or even as glass awnings. We prioritize the efficiency of the thermal glass while making sure your business looks professional and appealing to customers.

Contact us for an installation quote today and stay cool!