Switch up to Smart



Smart/Switchable glass has been booming with popularity for the corporate industry for some time now, due it’s technically advanced privacy options and features. As the word has gotten around about how beneficial smart glass is, there has been a rise in demand for smart/switchable glass in the health industry.

How it works: When the electrical supply is switched on, the liquid crystal molecules align, incident light passes through and the Privacy Glass panel instantly clears.

When the power is switched off the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented , thus scattering light and the Privacy Glass becomes opaque (private).

Due to its advanced features, the health care industry has been showing interest in building with switchable/smart glass for hospital rooms. The glass not only allows for privacy when needed that can be controlled from a distance (up to 25m), but has much better hygienic properties than the curtain separators (which gather bacteria) that are currently being used in health care faculties. Using the switchable glass not only allows for a cleaner, easier maintained facility, but provides the proper privacy for patients and workers when needed. The Switchable glass will be playing a big role in creating a sleek, modern look for many different operational rooms in health care facilities.

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