Strong Bonds



In life when you work together, anything is possible; good bonds always make things stronger. From an emotional/literal standpoint to something more scientific on a molecular level good bonds make things better, even if their initial pairing may seem strange at first.

They say opposites attract and this particular case is no different. However, the attraction in question here is that of attention and marvel at the immense innovation created: glass reinforced cement (GRC).  “GRC has always been in the upfront, to be a contributor to this innovation and for making the designs of future. The white cement-based GRC is not only durable but is also phenomenal in terms of color, application, longetivity, strength, appearance and economical over the GRC done with grey cement in due course of time. The advantages that white cement provides over grey cement are that a white cement-based GRC does not deteriorate as compared to Reinforced-Concrete Cement (RCC). Also the maintenance cost of GRC done with white cement is less as compared to grey cement-based GRC. The increasing demand in aesthetics has also put pressure on reducing the cost of overall construction and a GRC provides more strength as compared to RCC for same membrane thickness.”

The uses of glass go far beyond what any one mind can imagine and over time you will continue to see glass being used in unconventional but important and remarkable ways. For all of your special and innovate glass projects of your own make sure to contact Cornwall Glass, Cornwall’s glass experts.

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