Repair or replace?


Glass windows and doors will eventually suffer from minor damages such as cracks and scratches. Obviously, the damage needs to be dealt with, but is it better to repair the windows or replace them? This can be difficult to decide at times but generally, the following can help building owners decide what right for them.

When to Repair

It generally is fine simply repair commercial glass if the minor damages impact is small or on non-essential parts of the window. Leaking caulking and seals, a stubborn window that is hard to open, air and water infiltration, small scratches in tint and glaze coatings, and similar issues can all generally be repaired with relative ease.

This does not mean you can put off commercial glass maintenance and repair indefinitely. Caulk and sealant issues can allow for water intrusion and can affect the stability of the window. Scratches and issues with window coatings can make the panes more susceptible to further damage. And it is a major health and safety risk to have anyone in an office with windows that are meant to be opened that cannot be due to excessive window repair. However, in case of minor damages the cost of repairing the windows may turn out to be lower than replacing them.

When to Replace

On the other side of the repair or replace debate is a situation where the window or glass in a  high-rise has been so damaged or compromised to such an extent that it is too dangerous to leave it in place. Major damage can include large cracks and chips in the glass, deep scratches in the coatings or window surface, windows and glass panes that appear loose, and of course, major breakage or signs of imminent failure of the glass. Keeping up with necessary high-rise window replacement work is vital to preserving the structural integrity of the glass.

Any sort of major glass damage or window failure needs to be reported immediately and people need to avoid the area. Professionals need to remove the damaged glass and replace it as soon as possible. The risks of severe injury far outweigh the costs involved with overall building façade maintenance.