Why Professionally Maintaining Commercial Glass Is Important


The versatility and uniqueness of glass means that it has great potential.  When it comes to commercial applications they can make a business more functional and beautiful. The responsibility of protecting the integrity of the glass lies on the business owner, and at Cornwall Glass we can help ensure your commercial glass experience is memorable.

Why Professionally Maintaining Commercial Glass Is Important - Cornwall Glass

Commercial Glass Applications

bdcnetwork has stated that the hottest material in workplace design is glass. “Interior glass has become the material of choice for office spaces because of ‘the extremely large floor plates’ in North American projects that strive to get more natural light deep into the office core.” (source: bdcnetwork.com) Since there is an unlimited potential toward how glass can be used in the commercial space, and as businesses continually push the ways in which they want to use glass, the need to keep it effectively maintained grows.

At Cornwall Glass we can effectively meet all of your glass product/service and maintenance needs. We can provide all the necessary services for apartment complexes, retirement complexes hotels, condominiums, and malls. Such as window replacement, glass door repairs and service, broken glass replacement, break and enters, and many other services. From glass awnings, store fronts to other custom glass projects and everything in between, we can help. The choice is clear..contact us to learn more!