How to Modernize Your Office Space with Glass


Physical storefronts are often referred to as ‘brick and mortar’ shops. Incorporating glass into your storefront is a surefire way to modernize your office space, grab attention and wow potential clients before they even step foot inside your office.

The product specialists at Cornwall Glass can retrofit any space with beautiful glass to give it an modern look. Check out these ideas for ways to incorporate glass into your office space to get that high-end look.

Modernize Your Office Space with More Windows

Adding more windows to your office space not only lets in more natural light (which is said to increase productivity among your employees), but gives your office a clean, sleek look from the outside, too. It’s a great way to update an older building without losing the historic charm on the inside. Consider upgrading to Cornwall Glass’s thermal glass windows. This will improve insulation and keep your office space more comfortable year round, especially in the colder and hotter months.

Modernize Your Office Space with Open Meeting Rooms

Nothing divides an office (and its employees!) more than large, dark walls and doors in the middle of the space. Design or retrofit boardrooms with glass walls and doors for an open, classy look that keeps conversation noise at bay.

Modernize Your Office Space with High-end Stairways

If you’re in retail or have a multi-level office space, upgrading to glass handrails on your stairs (inside and out!) is a quick way to go from drab to high-end. It’s not just all about looks because, although they look sleek, glass railings feature tempered glass and high quality fasteners or frames that create an extremely attractive, long-lasting, and highly durable barrier.

Modernize Your Office Space with a High-end Storefront

A glass storefront instantly adds a modern and professional appeal to your business, before a client even steps foot inside. It’s the quick and easiest way to make a great impression. If you’re looking to take your exterior design to the next level, adding a glass awning instantly gives an edgy, modern twist to the architectural design of any building. And there’s no need to worry about damage. Rest assured Cornwall Glass professionals can handle and quickly repair any kind of unfortunate incident that may occur. We employ only highly experienced glaziers that will advise you of all your options to ensure the safety and security of your business.

If you’re curious about using glass to modernize your office space and want to brainstorm or chat about some ideas, give us a call today at (613) 932-6703. At Cornwall Glass, we’re always happy to discuss the best ways to use glass in your office for a unique, high-end look.